Digital Operational Resilience Act Articles (Proposal)

The Articles (Proposal) of the Digital Operational Resilience Act

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Article 15, ICT-related incident management process.

1. Financial entities shall establish and implement an ICT-related incident management process to detect, manage and notify ICT-related incidents and shall put in place early warning indicators as alerts.

2. Financial entities shall establish appropriate processes to ensure a consistent and integrated monitoring, handling and follow-up of ICT-related incidents, to make sure that root causes are identified and eradicated to prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

3. The ICT-related incident management process referred to in paragraph 1 shall:

(a) establish procedures to identify, track, log, categorise and classify ICT-related incidents according to their priority and to the severity and criticality of the services impacted, in accordance with the criteria referred to in Article 16(1);

(b) assign roles and responsibilities that need to be activated for different ICT-related incident types and scenarios;

(c) set out plans for communication to staff, external stakeholders and media in accordance with Article 13, and for notification to clients, internal escalation procedures, including ICT-related customer complaints, as well as for the provision of information to financial entities that act as counterparts, as appropriate;

(d) ensure that major ICT-related incidents are reported to relevant senior management and inform the management body on major ICT-related incidents, explaining the impact, response and additional controls to be established as a result of ICT-related incidents;

(e) establish ICT-related incident response procedures to mitigate impacts and ensure that services becomes operational and secure in a timely manner.